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Dear Friends!

The website of newspaper "Russian Bazaar" is a unique online market place.  It is one of the most popular Russian language websites in USA and Canada.
On our website we integrated two most popular sections: editorial section and classified section. 

Editorial section of the newspaper includes such sections as Latest News, World, US, New York, Art&Culture, Sports.
Classified section features following subsections: Help Wanted, Real Estate, Law offices, Medical offices, Travel, Services, SPA & Beauty and many more. Classified section is composed by informative private and commercial classifieds. The classified section includes a so called "advertising directory tree", for convenience divided geographically (USA, Canada, Russia, Israel and many other countries) and by subsections.
For all inquiries, please call the office 1 (718) 266-4444
We are open Mon-Fri, 9 am - 6 pm EDT.
Our email is

Banner location and pricing:

Banner #1
Size: 600х90
Place: On home page only
$115 per week




Banner #2
Size: 728х90
Place: On every page of the website except home page.
$75 per week


Banner #3
Place: On every page of the website, above the block "Latest news"
240x300 - $75 per week
             240x115 -  $55 per week


Баннер №4
Size: 240x300
Place: On every page of the website, under the block "Latest news"
$35 per week



Banner #5

Size: 140х140
Place: In the masthead of the website, is shown on every page. 
Price: $75 per week
Banner #6
Size: 600х90
Place: On every page within the website.
Price: $25 per week


Banner #7

Size: 300х250
Place: The banner is placed within every article of one section. For example, if there are 7 articles attributed to the section "New York" the banner ad will be placed in every article of the "New York" section.

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